Engineering and Design

We provide engineering and design consulting to the automotive and aircraft industries. We have spent over
35 years  in the field of automobile racing, designing chassis and tuning them at the track. This experience
has been at the highest levels of the sport.

In addition we design and manufacture small parts and systems for the "experimental" or kit plane industry.
We generally try to work with one team in a major racing series. Most of the time this leaves us free to do
additional work as long as that work does not compete with the primary team or interfere with the work being done
for that team.

Designing, chassis tuning, race strategy,
We love to race!

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What's New  - August 2006

We have completed the design and testing of our "tipper"  canopy
system. This little kit will enhance your slider style RV6 or RV7 canopy by
adding the ability to tip up the canopy for easy access to the aft baggage
compartment. We are shipping kits now.

We got a chance to visit the RV fly in at Scappoose (Oregon) this June.
Had a great time and met  a lot of fellow builders and fliers. This visit
generated quite a few sales. We intended to go to AirVenture this year
but racing schedules got in the way. We are hoping to get to the Land of
Enchantment RV gathering in October. Again the racing schedule may
prevent this. Likewise Copperstate looks like a tough schedule as well.
Oh well! Maybe some of our customers will complete their installations
and get to some airshows.

Some pictures from Scappoose....sorry for the picture quality.

check our RV info page for details
On the way from Chino to Scappoose
a nice view of Mt Shasta
Blackjack Squadron at Scappoose
I have seen this RV at Oshkosh
before, fabulous paint job!
Back home in Chino.....these RV's are the
best.....24 mpg at 200 mph..........!!
course the reality, as we know, is not that good
sense we always have a headwind!