August 2006

We have been racing this year in the Rolex Grand-American series for prototype sports cars. We are
contracted to work with Lowes Fernandez Racing Team, driven by Adrian Fernandez and Mario Haberfeld.

It seems like I have always worked with Adrian and we have many good memories and a few not so good. We
work well together. Adrian is a great driver, fast and he knows how to "finish the deal" and win the race, a skill
not many have.

I have known Mario since 2003 when I worked briefly with him at Conquest Racing in the ChampCar series. He's
a great driver as well and it is a pleasure to work with him again.

Both of these guys are "great people" and good friends as well.

We have had some success this year, winning the "Qualifying" race at Phoenix and the "feature" race at
Mid-Ohio. The Mid-Ohio race was interesting in that we qualified 3rd (out of 26), were dis-qualified (along with
the 1st and 2nd qualifiers) for a very minor infraction (1/16" too wide in the nose), and so had to start last in the
field. We ended up in the lead and won the race! One of the more satisfying wins we have ever had!
November 2006

We finished a competitive but pretty unlucky season in the Rolex Grand-Am series. We were always good on
speed but not so good at finishing the races. We had quite a few crashes, and a very disappointing last race
at Salt Lake City when the engine failed in a big way. We were feeling like we were going to win that one!

Anyway, we now have switched gears and plan to compete in the American LeMans Series as one of Honda's
Accura 3 teams for 2007. We have a new Lola car and have been testing already in Phoenix, Mid-Ohio, and
Elkhart Lake.

On the RV front, we had to miss Oshkosh, LOE, and Copperstate due to some family health issues, but we did
manage to fly to quite a few of the races out west here. I just can't get over how great these aircraft are. Just
last week we flew from Chino to Las Vegas for the SEMA show....flight time under 1 hour.....shuttle bus from
Henderson field to hotel........just over 1 hour (traffic)!

We now offer a strut kit.......for those who want to convert the struts that come from other manufacturers

We also are shipping a revised slide stop (FOC to our existing customers) as an option if you have
interference with the front roll hoop when the canopy is closed.....this is usually a very minor interference
anyway but we want to offer a way to fix it...happy flying!....JW
January 2007

We have been testing our new Lola Accura ALMS car, really a busy "off season" for us. We have tested at
Firebird (Phoenix), Mid-Ohio, Elkhart Lake, Homestead (Miami), and Sbring, all since September. The car is
running great and we have high expectaions for this season. We will test 2 more time at Sebring before the 12
hours of Sebring race that starts our season. Adrian Fernandez and Luis Diaz are our drivers. We are
sponsored by Lowe's Home Improvement. I have worked with Adrian for many years, but this is the first time
working with Luis Diaz. Luis seems like a great guy and also is quite quick. I think he is going to push Adrian
quite hard this season, which is a good thing!

On the RV front, we have found the time to post some additional information about the installation of the
canopy roller bracket. This is in response to several questions regarding this. I hopr that this information will
make it more clear about what is involved in this step of the installation.

I know that many of you with existing installations are nervous about disturbing you canopy fit, and rightfully so.
I know first hand how hard it is to achieve a good fit...happy flying!...JW
June 2007

We have some big changes coming with the marketing of our Tipper kits! Rich Meske is a fellow RVer from
Ohio who runs the
Aircraft Extras web site. They sell all sorts of neat products for Rv's, and I am sure that
many of you have visited his site.

Rich also makes a tip up kit. Its the original tipper I think, at least the first I ever saw. We will now sell our
Tipper kits exclusively on his web site,
Aircraft Extras. That way, you the customer can easily make your
choice of which kit you want to have for your RV. There are advantages to both kits, and they are both good
products, but they are different. Its your choice, and Rich and ourselves are happy to put the products out
there side by side and let you select what is best for you!

Why do this, you ask? Well, we don't really want to be in the marketing and or retail business, but Rich does.
This change will leave us more time to turn more of our ideas into products that you may want to have for your

What has not changed is our guarantee to you, the customer, that you will be completely satisfied with our
products. Your still buying from us, and we stand behind what we sell. Guaranteed!

Happy Flying and hope to see you in Oshkosh this July.